Areas of activityMonitoring the situation in Cyprus

The IPU has been monitoring the situation in Cyprus since 1991. It supports the UN Secretary-General's good offices mission and holds hearings twice yearly of representatives of the two Cypriot communities as well as of the three Guarantor Powers: Greece, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The IPU is calling for the gradual withdrawal of foreign troops from Cyprus; for the parties to the Cyprus problem to abandon purely tactical approaches to issues of substance such as the definition of the concept of federation, constitutional and territorial questions and security guarantees; and for them to take advantage of the time left before the start of negotiations on EU membership to move towards a lasting negotiated settlement.

The Union carried out a number of missions to Cyprus. You can get acquainted with the full text of the 1994 Mission Report.

The IPU has also organized, at Inter-Parliamentary Conferences and in Cyprus itself, sessions of inter-communal contacts between representatives of the political parties of the two communities, which have reached agreements on several specific points.

The IPU Committee to Monitor the Situation in Cyprus meets on the occasion of the Union's statutory conferences. Its reports are submitted to the Inter-Parliamentary Council. You can get acquainted with the texts of its Reports submitted to the 155th Council session (Copenhagen, September 1994), 157th session (Bucharest, October 1995), 160th session (Seoul, April 1997) and 161st session (Cairo, September 1997) respectively.

Visit the page devoted to the IPU Committees and Working Groups to learn about the composition of the IPU Committee to Monitor the Situation in Cyprus.

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